School Fees

St. Lorenzo Ruiz Middle School 2023-24 School Fees

CTF Option Fee - $25.00

Student Activities Fee - $15.00

Locks & Locker Fee - $11.00 (one time fee)

Band Fee - $20.00

Band Instrument Rental (Deposit) - $150.00

Volleyball (Junior) - $85.00

Volleyball (Senior) - $185.00

Basketball (Junior) - $85.00

Basketball (Senior) - $185.00

Bandminton - $50.00

Ski Club - $100.00-$260.00

(Packages vary based on individual requirements: rental, transportation & lessons)  


Paying School Fees Online

As of September 19, 2022 school fees are now paid using RYCOR Online Payments. RYCOR is accessible through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Methods of payment include Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard and Debit MasterCard. Please note: Interac Debit cards cannot be processed online at this time.

How do I use RYCOR Online Payments?
1. Visit your school’s website.
2. Click on the sidebar Quick Links to access PowerSchool.
3. Sign in using your PowerSchool Username and Password. If you have forgotten either/or please contact the school office for assistance.
4. Click on link, ‘School Fees and Forms’, located on the left-hand side.
5. Please follow the instructions provided on screen when you are taken to RYCOR. If you have questions, please contact the school office.
*RYCOR can only be accessed via PC/Tablet, the program does not work using the PowerSchool app.*

What if I have more than one child to pay fees for?

All students within the RDCRS division must be linked in your PowerSchool Parent Account in order for them to appear together under your online payment parent account. With a few simple mouse clicks, parents can view assessed fees, any outstanding balances, and pay for all of their children in a single transaction.

Will the school continue to accept school fee payments by cash or cheque?

Yes. However, it is our long-term goal to have all fees paid using RYCOR Online Payments. RYCOR will provide Parents/Guardians with the convenience and ease of making payments from the comfort of your home, 24hrs a day.
Thank you for your support in using RYCOR Online Payments! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office.