Our Staff


Photo of Ivy-Gail Avila

Ivy-Gail Avila

Financial Adminstrative Assistant

Photo of Rob Coumont

Mr. Rob Coumont


Phone: 403-406-7365

Photo of Joel Peterman

Mr. Joel Peterman

Vice Principal

Phone: 403-406-7365

Photo of Melissa Weik

Melissa Weik

Administrative Assistant

Student/Family Services/ILT/PE/Cafeteria/LC

Photo of Jaylyn Hewitt-Peck

Jaylyn Hewitt-Peck

Learning Commons Tech

Photo of Ni Made Kasiviswanathan

Ni Made Kasiviswanathan

Cafeteria Assistant

Photo of Wendy Lynch

Wendy Lynch

School Counsellor

placeholder image for Shanda Lyons

Shanda Lyons

Family School Counsellor

Photo of Jody Mckersie

Jody Mckersie

Cafeteria Lead

Photo of Makayla Monks

Makayla Monks

ILT (Inclusive Lead Teacher)

Photo of Crystal Streit

Miss Crystal Streit

PE and Athletic Director

Grade 6 Team

Photo of Charmaine Babey

Mrs. Charmaine Babey

6.1 Homeroom

Photo of Caileigh Demuynck

Mrs. Caileigh Demuynck

6.3 Homeroom and Band

Photo of Victoria Hamill

Miss Victoria Hamill

6.4 Homeroom

Photo of Lexi Kowalchuk

Miss Lexi Kowalchuk


Photo of Tracy Trieber

Mrs. Tracy Trieber

6.2 Homeroom

Grade 7 Team

Photo of Cyndie Desaulniers

Mrs. Cyndie Desaulniers

7.1 Homeroom

Photo of Christa Dicknoether

Miss Christa Dicknoether


Photo of Kyrissa Harper

Mrs. Kyrissa Harper

7.3 Homeroom

Photo of Nancy Morin

Nancy Morin

Educational Assistant

Photo of Kyle Visser

Mr. Kyle Visser

7.2 Homeroom

Grade 8 Team

Photo of Teann Busser

Teann Busser

Educational Assistant

Photo of Jessica Dorval

Miss Jessica Dorval

8.3 Homeroom

Photo of Katelyn Griffin

Mrs. Katelyn Griffin

8.2 Homeroom

Photo of Anthony Neurauter

Mr. Anthony Neurauter

8.1 Homeroom

Grade 9 Team

Photo of Barbara Hawkings

Barbara Hawkings

Educational Assistant

Photo of Darcy Ledrew

Mr. Darcy Ledrew

9.1 Homeroom

Photo of Eric Meraw

Mr. Eric Meraw

9.2 Homeroom

Photo of Krista Vande Brink

Mrs. Krista Vande Brink

Foundations Team

placeholder image for Shanlee Acebedo

Shanlee Acebedo

Educational Assistant

Photo of Tyana Bracewell

Tyana Bracewell

Educational Assistant

Photo of Archana Brown

Archana Brown

Educational Assistant

Photo of Jackie Cormier

Jackie Cormier

Educational Assistant

Photo of Rae-Anne Davis

Rae-Anne Davis

Educational Assistant

Photo of Katie Justason

Miss Katie Justason

Foundations 1 Teacher

Photo of Michelle Oblea

Michelle Oblea

Educational Assistant

Photo of Rose-Lee Olson

Rose-Lee Olson

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Jenna Prins

Jenna Prins

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Brady Robinson

Brady Robinson

Educational Assistant

Photo of Baylee Schulhauser

Baylee Schulhauser

Educational Assistant

Photo of Kari Shoemaker

Kari Shoemaker

Educational Assistant

Photo of Lucille Snyder

Mrs. Lucille Snyder

Foundations 2 Teacher

placeholder image for MaClavel Solis

MaClavel Solis

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Jamie St. Louis-Ryan

Jamie St. Louis-Ryan

Educational Assistant

Blended Team

Photo of Navdeep Bains

Navdeep Bains

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Kari Cuell

Kari Cuell

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Viktoriya Moroz

Viktoriya Moroz

Educational Assistant

Photo of Adama Soumah

Adama Soumah

Educational Assistant

Photo of Haley Stuart

Miss Haley Stuart

Blended Teacher

Photo of Aiza Velasco

Aiza Velasco

Educational Assistant