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About St. Lorenzo Ruiz

He became a saint on October 18, 1987, at the Vatican in Rome. Lorenzo Ruiz gave his whole life to the Lord, and shared his life in full joy with the Lord.
He became a saint pronounced by Pope John Paul II
He served as an altar boy, was married, and had three children.
He helped carry out missionary work.
He was born in November 1594 in the Philippines.
He passed September 29, 1637 in Japan.
He worked in the church of Binondo, in Binondo Manila, Philippines

Prayer to St. Lorenzo

“O Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, you brought honor to your country, having been a prudent father of the family and a witness of Christ in your life until your death. Together with the Holy Spirit, guide our efforts, bless our creativity and lead us in communion, that we may honour your efforts and continue to spread Christ’s love.  We present all our petitions to God through your help so that by our actions we may know more and love more.

We also thank God for creation and acknowledge that we are on Treaty Six Territory to the north of the Red Deer River and Treaty Seven Territory to the south of the Red Deer River. We are thankful for and acknowledge the many First Nations, Métis, and Inuit whose footsteps have marked these lands for centuries, and whose respectful stewardship have enabled us all to enjoy the riches of the Creator’s blessings.