The Ruiz Report

The Ruiz Report - March 20, 2023

This edition of the Ruiz Report has a Touch of the Irish, as well as a guest appearance from Paddy O'Lantern, the Division's house leprechaun.

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The Ruiz Report - March 6, 2023

On this week's Ruiz Report, Principal Rob Coumont provides an update on the progress made on the school's exterior as well as the school's Gathering Area.

Want to see a section of the school featured on a future edition? Let us know and we'll do our best to make it a reality.

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The Ruiz Report - February 21, 2023

On this week's edition of the Ruiz Report, Principal Rob Coumont shows off what has been installed on the school's roof, as well as the dance lab and motion studio.

Want to see something showcased on a future episode? Let us know and we'll have Rob take us on a tour.

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The Ruiz Report - February 6. 2023

As we get closer to opening our doors to the Kentwood Community, St. Lorenzo Ruiz Middle School Principal Rob Coumont will be spending the next few months showcasing Red Deer Catholic Regional School's newest middle school.

Have a question? Ask it.

Want to see a specific area of the school? Let us know and we'll have Rob include it in a future "Ruiz Report."

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